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Did you know, that you can use Apple Mail with your own Domain, if you have an iCloud+ plan? No? Yes you can.

Set up own Domain with Apple Mail

You just need to login into your iCloud Account Settings and Scroll down to „Custom E-Mail Domain“ then click on „Manage“.

After you clicked on Manage, you have to choose Add a domain you own.

And you‘ve to choose, who should use the Domain, but when you add your family, you have to Verify all the E-Mail-Addresses you will add in a later Step.

Add the E-Mail-Adresses you want, but think in this step you need access to the E-Mail-Adresses you set up here, so lets only type one E-Mail-Adress in here to verify the Domain, after that we can create other E-mail-Adresses.

If we got the Verification E-Mail, we need to Click on the Link send with the verification E-Mail. Now we are able to get the Settings for our Domain (TXT-Records, CNAMEs, MX-Records) , just click on View. And enter the details in your Domain-Registrars Nameserver/DNS-Settings.

After clicking on „Finish set up“ Apple will check if the Domain is correctly configured. But remember that it can take up to 24 hours until the DNS records are set everywhere.

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