Unify Dream Machine Pro gets loud after SSD installation

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After installing a SSD in my Unify Dream Machine Pro, it became very noisy due to fan noise. This is because the Unify Dream Machine Pro can’t decide if it is an HDD or SSD that is installed and so the fans for the HDD are running at 100% speed. There are some smart people who have thought about this and offer us a solution.


You need to enable SSH-Support for you Dream Machine Pro, so that you can login with SSH. LogIn to your Unify OS go to Settings and enable SSH. But do not forget to deactivate SSH again after the work, cause SSH is enabled on the internal and external IP.

Another way is to log in directly to the Unify Dream Mashine Pro, go to Settings → System → Application Configuration → Device SSH Authentication and create a user.


Now that we have enabled SSH access, we can log in to our Dream Machine.

ssh roo@$IPofDreamMashine

If we have successfully logged into the Dream Machine via SSH now, we can open the UnifiOS shell.

unifi-os shell

And Download the udm-boot_1.0.5_all.deb and install it and go back to the UDM. The latest package will always be found at https://udm-boot.boostchicken.dev

curl -L https://udm-boot.boostchicken.dev -o udm-boot_1.0.5_all.deb

dpkg -i udm-boot_1.0.5_all.deb


after successful installation of the tools we can switch back to the normal shell., So type exit or stress ctrl+d to exit the unifi-os shell

We have to change to the following directory: mntdataon_boot.d

cd /mnt/data/on_boot.d/

Check if you are in the right directory with pwd

# pwd


No we can Download the AutoFanSpeed-Script from Renedis

curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/renedis/ubnt-auto-fan-speed/main/on_boot.d/11-ubnt-auto-fan-speed.sh

And make the file executable

chmod +x 11-ubnt-auto-fan-speed.sh

After that run the script and the fans should stop blowing loud.


All Together

Useful Links to learn more about Possible Scripts

GitHub — boostchicken/udm-utilities: A collection of things I have made to make the Unifi Dream Machine more useful

udm-utilities/on-boot-script at master · boostchicken/udm-utilities · GitHub



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