Unify Dream Machine Pro with INWX DynDNS

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I’ve got an Dream Machine Pro in my home office. And I would like to access my home network from the road, so I needed a dynamic DNS. With the help of DynDNS you can have DNS entries updated in real time. This is useful, for example, if you want to make your router or home server accessible via the Internet.

What is DynDNS?

Most home Internet connections do not have a fixed IP address and the Internet provider performs a forced disconnection at regular intervals (e.g. daily). A forced disconnection is the interruption of an Internet connection by the Internet service provider. It usually occurs when an existing connection is not being used (no data traffic for a certain period of time) or at a certain point in time. In most cases, the forced disconnection results in a new IP address being assigned.

So if you want to to access your home network from outside without knowing the currently assigned IP address, you need a [Dyn]amicDNS.

Mainly, DNS is used to convert domain names such as 0hlov3.medium.com into IP addresses. A dynamic DNS therefore ensures that when an IP address changes, the corresponding DNS entry is changed accordingly in time.

There are numerous DynDNS providers, such as ClouDNS, Duck DNS, Cloudflare, DynDNS Service …, but since I host a few domains at INWX, I wanted to use the DynDNS service from INWX.


First we need a domain associated with the INWX DNS server, then we can create a DynDNS account.

Configuration of the Dream Machine Pro

Now that we have successfully created a DynDNS account at INWX, we can log into our Dream Machine and make the appropriate configuration.

For the DynDNS Configuration, we go in the new web interface to Settings → Advanced Features → Advanced Gateway Settings → Create New Dynamic DNS

After clicking on Create New Dynamic DNS, we can now configure DynDNS. For this we need the data of the INWX account we created before.

The hostname we enter looks strange, but this is cause of a special syntax we have to use to create a DynDNS entry in the Dream Machine.

Check your Configuration

After we clicked on Apply Changes, we can check in the INWX portal if an external IP address is now displayed at the domain.

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